It’s a personal journey



We encourage people to connect to those experiencing homelessness in the same way we connect with others in our lives: through engaging our interests, passions and talents. Getting involved in this personal way makes room for meaningful relationships, which we believe is the recipe for ending homelessness. The task is not to solve complex social systems or to fix someone’s situation. The task is to begin. To JUST SAY HELLO. To connect with someone through a shared interest. By doing this, the most profound change you will see is in yourself. In these moments of connection, you join the solution for ending homelessness.



Breakfast and Hellos is a physical way to connect our volunteers and people experiencing homelessness. We simply come together to hand out snacks, socks, sleeping bags and other supplies essential to staying dry and warm. Everything we give is a vehicle for love and connection. Our time in the park with our homeless friends is a safe place of non-judgement, and we welcome anyone who wants to learn more, has questions or simply wants to come closer to this issue to join us. We always need waters, juice, snacks (like bananas, oranges, and individual packed snack items), toiletries, gently used backpacks, sleeping bags and mini first aid kits. Consider donating or coming out to the park to experience giving and connection.



  • Share a smile.

  • When you buy a coffee, purchase a $5 gift card. It gives a menu item of choice, access to a restroom, and shelter from the weather.

  • Carry socks in your car for those in need.

  • Follow us on Facebook to learn about upcoming opportunities to engage!




Page Wiley

My name is Page Wiley. I’m a transplant from Alabama. Since childhood I’ve always felt the need to help anyone or any animal. I feel very fortunate to have found Facing Homelessness Denver. Since the beginning I’ve been witness to wonders and marvels of humanity. I’ve seen how a smile and a hello can be the difference in someone’s day.


Lori Garcia

Lori was born in Ohio but came here but considers herself a Colorado grown native. Spending time helping the homeless community is something that she is passionate about as it has touched her life personally. She has lost loved ones to addiction and watched friends who became family struggle with life on the streets. Lori beloved that if we can make a difference in the life of even one person the hellos and effort is worth the weekend work. Homeless lives matter to us and they are all our friends.


Rosalind Dandridge

I am Rosalind Dandridge. I was born and raised in New York. When I was 10, I saw a commercial about starving children in Africa and I couldn’t understand why there were people without food. I wanted to help, and I heard God clearly telling me what my purpose is; I have the gift of giving and I love helping others. It doesn’t take much to smile, say hello, and give someone a bite to eat.


Sami Eyl

Hi, my name is Sami. I am a Colorado native! I love volunteering in different capacities, but one group of people I’ve always enjoyed serving with/for is the homeless. I’m so glad that I found Facing Homelessness Denver through Facebook. I have loved connecting with new people and personally seeing God at work.